Interview with Ririkana at Studio Meteor!

While shooting in Tokyo’s natural-light focused Studio Meteor, we had the chance to sit down and chat with the Peach Queen herself, Ririkana!

While cosplay studios are almost nonexistent in most countries, Japan is unique in having many from city to city.  With Studio Meteor’s ample natural light setup, staff-less design, and a wide variety of bears and props, it was the perfect place to host the big-butted gravure idol Ririkana.

“My butt is very big!” Ririkana answered when we asked her about her special attribute. That is, after all, how she got her title as the “Peach Queen” — measuring in at 102 centimeters.

Additionally, many fans of Ririkana may have noticed that she always wears a mask in her shootings. Is there any opportunity where she’d take it off?

“Since I got my hands on this cool mask, I’ve been wearing it a lot,” Ririkana tells us. “but for my Patreon followers, they get to see my unmasked face.”

And while her following continues to grow day by day, it begs the question: does she choose her photographers, or do they choose her?

“If someone asks to take pictures of me, they need to pay.” Ririkana says. “But if I want to create something, like a photobook or a DVD, I’ll select and reach out to a cameraman myself.”

Ririkana also wasn’t always wearing the sexy maid and bunny girl outfits she’s branded herself around, either.

“Before I started creating more sexy content, I did a lot of popular character cosplay as well.” She reveals. “Like characters from Love Live! and One Piece.”

To see the full interview and to get a sneak-peek at Studio Meteor and the Peach Queen herself, click here! And to get access to exclusive, unmasked, and uncensored Ririkana content, click here!

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