Two Swords and Two Horns! Daikikougyou Horned Girl Figure Review

From Daikikougyou, we have a new figure to review: Horned Girl, based on the original character by the popular Korean YouTuber and Illustrator Shal.E!

Watch our detailed figurine review with Japanese cosplayer Rima Halukana

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Her cool, distant gaze instantly captures anybody’s attention with her sharp blue eyes. Her traditional Japanese outfit also blends together beautifully.

She wields two katana on her hip, which makes her especially dangerous in addition to her two horns. The ropes holding them in place even look like they’re flowing.

Her delicate kimono is the perfect size, large enough to flow around her arms and shoulders yet small enough to hug her body.

Her slender body is accentuated by the kimono especially well from the back. From the right angle, you can also catch a glimpse of her underwear underneath.

Her traditional sandals give the impression that they’re made from real wood, and the rope around her dual katana wraps and hangs elegantly. Each individual rope braid is even painstakingly sculpted.

Her pose is dynamic yet gentle, giving her the appearance of gracefully gliding forward. Her kimono and hair seem to flow with her movement as well.

The detail on the figure is incredibly well done, from the folds in the kimono to her faded purple hair and even the hairclips near her ears.

You might catch even more detail in the figure by looking up close! She has a beauty mark right under her left eye, and each ridge on her horn gets smaller and smaller all the way to the pointed ends.

Her horns match her blades with a brilliant, deep crimson color. The contrast between the stark, powerful colors of her outfit really compliment her light, pale skin.

While her kimono and blades are incredibly stunning, she can also remove them completely and reveal the bandages and her bare breasts underneath.

Her slender body can be observed completely when displayed like this, with incredible detail on her wrapped bandages and even where her skin folds along her shoulder blades and back.

The horned girl’s lower bandage is also completely removeable, revealing every previously covered up part of her body. Her gentle curves and stunning proportions cause anybody’s heart to skip a beat.

The bright red color of her horns is also eye-catching, though her uncovered backside might be the first place anybody’s eyes go.

Her dynamic pose looks even more fluid without her clothing, giving the appearance that she’s running forward gently.

Even though she seems innocent, her stance shows that she’s ready to attack at any moment. Her stomach is also very toned, with careful attention to detail in the sculpting of her abs.

The base she stands on is a sleek, simple black circular base, adding to the fashionable motif of the figure and keeping the attention on the horned girl.

The way she lifts one leg up is also charming, and it almost looks like her shoe might slip off. But even with her clumsiness, she maintains a cool, confident aura about her. Her slight smile is especially captivating.

With a closer look, you can really see the detail in the sculpting of her body. Her pointed ears match her sharp eyes and powerful horns to emphasize that this small girl is a formidable demon.

At 1/5th scale, this figure makes a perfect main display for any collector! Pre-orders begin late May 2022 and run until August 24th, 2022. The release date for the Horned Girl figure is scheduled for November 2022. Don’t miss out on adding her to your collection!

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