The Mob I Was Fighting was Actually Really Cute…?! Daikikougyou Figure Review

From Daikikougyou comes a new figure based off of an original illustration by the popular ED: Sanpakugan-chan!

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The eye-catching figure comes with interchangeable face plates, so you can display her with her eyes open or her eyes closed.

The Japanese word “sanpakugan” refers to when the whites of a character’s eyes are three times the size of their pupils, just like the figure has. For some, it’s a serious charm point!

The figure comes with underwear and belts that are highly detailed, with tiny frills and folds like they’re really made with cloth and leather.

Her hair is also incredibly detailed, flowing and moving over the rest of her curvy body. Even the straps of her bra fold over her hands.

The story behind Sanpakugan-chan is that she’s a mob monster in an RPG world. You, the player, however, find that she’s incredibly cute.

Her tail, horns, and belts all gloss and shine, and even the metal parts look like they’re really metal. Her tight underwear straps also look tight, with her skin moving around them.

Sanpakugan-chan’s swimsuit, while incredibly detailed, can also be removed–showcasing her body in all of it’s glory.

Even from the back, the details on her shoes, hair, and body are absolutely incredible. The curves and small details on her back and shoulders make it seem like she could come to life at any moment.

Her horns and tail are also removeable, so you can display her looking less mob-like and more human like. Combining this with her removeable clothes, the options for customization are quite high.

The armbands on her wrists really look like they could be soft to the touch, and even with her stern, shocked expression, her slight blush indicates how shocked she is to hear someone call her cute.

The figure is 1/6th scale in size, so it can really can anybody’s attention when they walk into the room.

With her kneeling position and sideways glare, it’s easy to put her in a wide variety of environments as if she’s on her knees in any situation.

From the top, you can also see little skull hairclips right underneath her horns–intimidating to those looking to fight this mob, but cute for those looking for more.

With her clothes back on, another look at the back shows that the detail even remains on her underwear and accessories. The shiny black texture looks almost reflective.

The detail also expands to the precise sculpting of her body and clothes, with the material looking as if it warps around her body and the straps hanging off of her skin.

This figure also has quite an eye-catching chest as well, which can really stand out when viewed from the side. The sides of her underwear also look so tight around her that they may snap at any moment.

With the different faceplate and her clothes removed, Sanpakugan-chan’s emotion can change to one of shock and anger to one more flustered and embarrassed. How cute!

Even without her bra, the placement of her hands make it seem like she’s resting them on her breasts. With the blush on her face and closed eyes, the atmosphere is quite different.

As cute as she is, the figure also has a great sense of style, with all of her belts, shoes, hairclips and even her choker matching. The texture of her shoes even seem to move with her squatting pose.

Whether she looks intimidating or cute, it’s no question that this mob is one you wouldn’t want to fight!

Sanpakugan-chan is available to pre-order until September 21st, 2022, with a scheduled release date of January 2023. Don’t miss your chance to add the cute Sanpakugan-chan to your party!

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