Detective Pikachu Collaboration Arrives with Special Coffee!

Japanese café chain Pronto is celebrating the release of Detective Pikachu Returns for the Nintendo Switch with a special Pokémon-themed menu! To honor the iconic Detective Pikachu’s love for coffee, Pronto is offering the Detective Pikachu Deduction Milk Coffee, which includes a touch of condensed milk for sweetness and comes with a magnifying glass-shaped cookie.

The collaboration also announced a number of impressive drink and food options, like the Pikachu and Eevee Friends Sweet Potato Chestnut Latte. It features a base of sweet potato milk and espresso, topped with whipped cream, diced sweet potato, sweet potato sauce, and candied chestnut. It also includes an Eevee-themed cookie.

If you prefer non-coffee beverages, the Pikachu and Pawmi Crackling Electricity Orange Tea is a vibrant blend of Earl Grey tea and orange tea infused with orange sauce and vanilla syrup, crowned with whipped cream, yellow chocolate bits, and blood orange peel strips. It’s accompanied by a Pawmi cookie.

Pronto knows that pancakes are a beloved café treat in Japan, so they’ve introduced the Pikachu and Mimikyu Shadow Sneak Sweet Potato Nutty Pancake. This pancake features white anko (sweet bean paste) and purple sweet potato sauce, complemented by edible bamboo charcoal-infused maple syrup, simulating Mimikyu’s Shadow Sneak attack visuals. While it doesn’t include a cookie, it does feature crushed almonds in the whipped cream.

For savory options, there’s the Pikachu and Pichu Kabocha Cream Pasta, offering a unique twist with kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) cream sauce, pancetta, diced Hokkaido kabocha, and kadaif noodles as a nod to Pikachu’s and Pichu’s lightning powers. If you prefer spicier fare, the Pikachu and Charizard Flamethrower Tomato Cream Pasta features red pepper slices, spicy tomato sauce, salmon, and eringi mushrooms.

Lastly, the Pikachu, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly Picnic Sandwich offers a diverse array of flavors with cheddar cheese, avocado, sliced tomato, lettuce, and two hamburger patties.

This Pokémon-themed menu will be available starting from October 12 and will remain on offer until December 10, providing fans with plenty of time to savor these delightful treats.

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