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Fuji Television’s TOKYO IDOL PROJECT is having their 10th anniversary TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2019 this year from August 2nd-4th, 2019 in the Odaiba/Aomi area and they just announced the second round of artists in the lineup!

An additional 13 groups have been added to the lineup, including AKB48 Team 8 and others.

Tickets are currently on sale, including a limited sales period for the KIRAKIRA TICKET which allows early access to stages, merchandise booths, among other perks.

Ticket Information:

KIRAKIRA 3-Day : 100,000yen Limited to 200
KIRAKIRA 1-Day : 40,000yen Limited to 30 per day

Regular 3-Day :
19,200yen (Original t-shirt package)
17,000yen (Pre-sale price)
17,500yen (General sales price)

Regular 1-Day:
9,400yen (Original t-shirt packaged)
7,200yen (Pre-sale price)
7,500yen (General sales price)

For the full up-to-date lineup, visit the official TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL homepage.
For full ticket information, visit the official ticketing page.


Take a look at the additions to the lineup below!


Idol College


AKB Team 8




Afilia Saga


sora tob sakana




Ni-chome no Sakigake Coming Out








Magical • Punchline




Lovely Doll



Original source: PRTimes, TOKYO IDOL PROJECT


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