McDonald’s Anime Ad Hits Japanese Internet!

Every few months, anime fans can look forward to a fresh batch of treats with new anime series debuting with each Japanese TV season. McDonald’s Japan has recently become an unexpected source of beautiful Japanese animation through its promotional videos, with a recent Nyan Cat-themed commercial trending. This time, a comfortable, slice-of-life anime commercial has taken the Japanese internet by storm!

Shared on McDonald’s Japan’s official Twitter account with the caption “After school with a certain guy, girl, and cat,” the video starts with a twin-tailed school girl enjoying a sweet drink from a McCafé cup while sitting on a stoop, filmed as though taken on a cellphone. The hair of each character: both characters have some pink in their hair, representing peaches, highlighting McDonald’s Japan’s new Peach Smoothie and Peach Yogurt Frappe, which the anime pair is enjoying.

The video also features peach macarons, with the guy teasing the girl by offering her one and then pulling it back to eat it himself. However, he does bring a second macaron, which he gives to her. The music is also a call towards otaku culture, being a jazzy piano arrangement of Vocaloid composer n-buna’s “Umiyuri Kaiteitan” (also known as “Deep Sea Lilies”), performed by pianist Banken.

McDonald’s tweet video has already garnered over 3.7 million views, with Japanese commenters sharing their reactions and even users from across the globe chiming in with their praise and love for yet another one of the restaurant chain’s nods towards otaku culture. Who’s to say what’s next when it comes to McDonald’s marketing?

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