One Winged Jishia Dark Fantasy Figurine Review

We visited the office of Daikikougyou again for another figurine review! This time we have something a little bit different from what we usually see at Daikikougyou.

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This beautiful and cool character is a dark fantasy being called One-Winged Jishia!

She is an original figure made by the master sculptor Vispo.

She appears to be a somewhat dangerous and powerful being wielding a submachine gun.

The red armband displays a kanji symbol that means “destruction”.

She wear a long dark leather jacket with multiple zippers and embossed details.

Her intricate flowing hair is ranged in color from brown to black and violet.

Her boots are incredibly detailed with silver ornaments and goat skulls, a symbol of the devil.

She is deadly but also sexy. Her jacket hangs open with only one button clasped. You can see her beautiful white skin and black skimpy panties.

She has a kind of military soldier look with her numbered jacket, armband and gasmask.

Of course her main feature is her single wing. Her persona was split into two beings and her mission now is to find her other half.

She also wears a headband in the shape of horns as well as a goat skull necklace.

Her facial structure is also quite realistic and her eyes appear to really be inside her skull like a doll.

Of course this wouldn’t be a Daikikougyou figurine if it wasn’t possible to remove some of her clothing!

Her jacket can be removed revealing her bare braless chest.

We can get a better view of her small tight black panties and her long white legs.

Her stomach is is quite thin and you can see her ribs protruding underneath her bare breasts.

The figure is sculpted in amazing detail making One Winged Jishia a true work of art.

She will be available for pre-order until August 26th 2021 and on sale in December 2021.

片翼のジシア Vispo ORIGINAL

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