Taste Slimes with an All-New Lawson x Dragon Quest Collaboration!

As the highly anticipated release of Dragon Quest Monsters 3: The Dark Prince approaches in Japan, Lawson Store 100, a spin-off brand of the convenience store chain Lawson, is stirring excitement among gamers with a delectable lineup of slime-themed baked goods! Set to hit shelves from November 15th, these whimsical treats are inspired by the iconic Slimes from the Dragon Quest franchise.

The lineup features three variations of mushipan, a type of sweet steamed egg cake, each representing a different type of slime:

1. Classic Blue-Colored Slime Mushipan: Infused with the tangy taste of ramune, a popular lemon-lime soda in Japan, this cake includes a delightful surprise with ramune-flavored sweet bean paste at its core.

2. Orange-Colored She-Slime Mushipan: With the luscious taste of mango, complemented by a yogurt cream center, this mushipan offers a fusion of fruity flavors.

3. Hearty Metal Slime Mushipan: Sporting a grey hue achieved through the addition of black sesame, this cake boasts a nutty and slightly bitter flavor. Its condensed milk cream center adds a touch of sweetness.

4. Brand-New Slime Cornet: While not a mushipan like the other collaborative treats, this sweet dessert draws inspiration from the classic Japanese baked good, the cornet. Shaped like a cone and generously filled with cream, the Slime Cornet is adorned with cute faces on the sheets rather than on the item itself.

As fans gear up for the release of Dragon Quest Monsters 3: The Dark Prince, Lawson Store 100’s slime-themed treats offer a delightful way to indulge in the gaming excitement and savor the charm of these iconic monsters! Fans might want to taste them all soon though, as these convenience store collaborations are known to go quickly!

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