Pokemon Loungewear Hits GU Shelves!

GU, Uniqlo’s trendy sister brand in Japan, has officially announced a warm and comfortable loungewear collaboration with Pokémon! The upcoming “Pokémon Peaceful Place” collection, affectionately known as PokéPeace, introduces a range of loungewear sets and accessories crafted from cozy materials, perfect for a relaxing day at home.

The PokéPeace collection caters to both adults and children, featuring a delightful array of loungewear sets adorned with charming, bubble-like illustrations of some of the most beloved Pokémon.

The adult line focuses on three loungewear sets, highlighting the Pokémon Pikachu, Rowlet, and Espurr. To complement these sets, striped room socks are available, each featuring embroidered Pokémon silhouettes in combinations like Pikachu/Milcery, Scorbunny/Espurr, and Piplup/Rowlet. The collection is rounded out with Pikachu and Rowlet fake fur bags with large handles and Pichu, Piplup, and Espurr fake fur pouches.

The kids’ line comprises three loungewear sets featuring Pikachu, Piplup, and Scorbunny. Notably, the pants in this line showcase an adorable embroidery of the Fairy-type Pokémon Milcery on the knee area, and each item is fluffy and perfect for the cold winter months.

The PokéPeace collection is set to hit GU stores across Japan and GU’s online shop on November 23rd, 2023. As the colder months approach, the PokéPeace collection offers a stylish and comfortable way for Pokémon fans of all ages to stay warm and cozy while lounging at home. Stay comfy with your favorite Pokemon and look forward to grabbing this collaborative loungewear!

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