Miraidon Comes to Life in Tokyo!

Toyota brings a part of the Pokemon universe to life with an imaginative creation that fulfills the atmosphere of the Pokemon games: by recreating the partner Pokemon from Pokemon Violet: Miraidon, the legendary dragon that can transform into a motorcycle!

Last year, the volunteer group Toyota Engineering Society surveyed 8,000 elementary students, asking about the “future of mobility.” Among the responses was a depiction of Miraidon, which is described as being the inspiration behind the project.

It deeply resonated with the Toyota Engineering Society, highlighting a vehicle not just as a means of transportation but as a companion. Collaborating with the Pokémon Company, they embarked on a mission to bring this legendary Pokémon to life, resulting in the creation of a life-sized Miraidon that people can ride (up to a certain weight limit, of course.)

This Miraidon faithfully replicates the Pokémon’s dimensions, weighing 240 kilograms (529 pounds), and seamlessly transitions between its four-legged and wheeled forms. Instead of moving like a real motorcycle, however, individuals can easily hop on and enjoy the sensation of riding Miraidon with a moving platform beneath it.

This replica Miraidon is currently on display at the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Atrium, and only between March 15th to 17th, 2024. However, spots for “test drives”, mainly for photo opportunities atop the Pokemon, are limited, with a maximum weight capacity of 65 kilograms (143 pounds). Don’t miss out on this chance to feel like you’re in the world of Pokemon Violet!

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