Madoka Magica Inspired Lolita Fashion Goes Viral!

Both lolita fashion and cosplay have always been a major part of both Japan’s pop-culture and fashion scenes, especially when those participating are representing a series or franchise they love. Now, however, Japanese lolita fashion brand Nya Nya has announced a perfect blend of both, with all-new lolita dresses based on the hit anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica!

Being sold by and teased by the lolita fashion retailer Rococo’s Closet, the two dresses announced-one modeled after the show’s protagonist Madoka Kaname, and the other after Homura Akemi- fully embrace the elaborate style of both Lolita fashion and the magical girl anime. Rather than being exact replicas, these dresses use the characters’ outfits as inspiration to create something that’s recognizable to Madoka Magica fans but also appealing to Lolita fashion enthusiasts who may not be familiar with the anime.

When the teaser was revealed on X (formerly Twitter), the post exploded in popularity, being seen over 5 million times with nearly 70,000 likes. Rococo’s Closet has announced that the dresses will be available for order sometime in May through their online store but with no official date set as of yet, so anyone looking to purchase one of these exclusive dresses should keep their eyes peeled on the official X account here!

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