Ghibli Train Comes to Kanagawa!

Since its opening in 2019, the Studio Ghibli Exhibition in Tokyo has gotten a massive amount of praise and notoriety, especially for fans traveling to experience it for themselves. Being a traveling exhibition, the event has been held in a variety of Japanese cities since it began, such as Kyoto and Osaka. Still, it is currently in its final few weeks, finishing at the Yokosuka Museum of Art in Kanagawa Prefecture on June 18th, and to celebrate recently unveiled a Ghibli-themed train!

The unique Ghibli-themed train is operated by Keihin Kyuko Electric Railway, called the “Toshio Suzuki and Ghibli Exhibition Train”, runs on the Keikyu Main Line between Tokyo’s Sengakuji and Yokohama stations, extending to the Keikyu Kurihama Line from Yokohama to Misakiguchi stations and gives hopeful attendees the perfect way to travel to the event before it closes.

The train features special decals of No Face and Chihiro from Spirited Away, in addition to the red color of the Keikyu N1000 series train complementing the red lanterns prominent in the movie, and its coastal route mirrors the magical train journey in Spirited Away to really give fans an immersive travel experience. The train’s interior is also adorned with promotional posters for the exhibition, and the seat colors match those in the film.

This special Ghibli train will only be in operation until June 15th, 2024, so fans will want to start their summer off with a ride before it’s gone! Those in the area can also experience it frequently, with runs multiple times daily, with a complete timetable available on the official site here.

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