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Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver. & Cosmo Gun (4 types)

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We visited the office of Daikikougyou again for another review!
However, this time, we didn’t review a figurine but two water guns!
The Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver. & Cosmo Gun!

Check out our video here for a detailed review!

These two water guns were created by Daikikougyou in collaboration with Model Works Grenade.
Both of them are based on the design from Leiji Matsumoto’s legendary manga.

Maybe you remember when we reviewed the Cosmo Dragoon (A Warrior’s Gun) water gun by Daikikougyou last Summer!

Check out our video from last year here for a detailed coverage of the Cosmo Dragoon (A Warrior’s Gun) water gun.

Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver.

The Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver.. A beautiful silver color!

Cosmo Gun

The Cosmo Gun! It is so detailed you wouldn’t even think that it’s a water gun!

Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver.

The Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver. is shining with its silver color and the white grip which looks a bit like ivory.

Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver.

This particular gun is a color variation of the Cosmo Dragoon (A warriors gun) which was released last year.

Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver.

It is worn by Maetel, a female character in one of Leiji Matsumoto’s stories. However, this gun does not appear in any main story, but an alternate story.

Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver.

Let’s have a look at the details!

Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver. Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver. Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver. Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver.
You can fill in water by removing the cover on top as well as the red cap shown in the picture above!

Cosmo Gun

Next, let’s have a look at the Cosmo Gun!

Cosmo Gun

It originally appears in the title “Space Battleship Yamato” by Leiji Matsumoto!

Cosmo Gun

Both of the guns are very detailed and can be enjoyed by young and old as water guns or as exhibition items!

Cosmo Gun Cosmo Gun

After removing the cover on the back you open the red cap and fill in the water.

Cosmo Gun Cosmo Gun

There are 4 versions available of the Cosmo Gun!

Cosmo Gun Cosmo Gun

Kodai Mamoru!

Cosmo Gun

Kodai Susumu!

Cosmo Gun

Okita Juzo!

Cosmo Gun

as well as Mori Yuki!

These water guns are a must have for fans of Si-Fi anime and manga as well as anybody who likes Leiji Matsumoto’s work such as Space Battleship Yamato!

They are now available for pre-order until June the 26th 2019 and on sale in August 2019!

©2012 宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199 製作委員会
Sculptured & Coloring by Model Works Grenade & Daikikougyou

Find the Cosmo Dragoon Maetel Ver. on amiami >>http://bit.ly/2Q6Erxt<<
Find the Cosmo Gun on amiami >>http://bit.ly/2Q6Erxt<<

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daikikougyou
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daikikougyou
Twitter (JP): https://twitter.com/DAIKIkougyou

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