Matcha Menu Comes to Pokemon Cafes!

Spring in Japan is often regarded as matcha season, with stores and restaurants all across the country offering matcha-flavored varieties of seasonal food and drink. Now, fans can also experience the green tea joy with limited-time items gracing the menu of the Pokémon Cafe in Japan, featuring the new matcha-themed Pokemon Poltchageist and Sinistcha!

The all-new menu items feature a wide variety of new Pokemon-centric food and drinks with personalization available too, such as your own matcha latte with frothy milk and rich matcha, accompanied by a Pikachu cookie for the perfect finishing touch. Both the teacup itself and the matcha container resemble the new matcha-themed Pokemon, and are prepared the way matcha is traditionally served in Japan.

Explore the enchanting world of Poltchageist Teahouse with an exquisite range of tableware available for purchase, including the Poltchageist Tea Caddy and Sinistcha Tea Bowl, adorned with captivating Pokémon designs.

A variety of teatime snacks are also part of this limited-time menu, such as matcha soft serve in the shape of the cream Pokemon Alcremie, traditional tea cookies in the shapes of Rowlet and Hisuian Liligant, and a Pikachu-shaped muffin that are meant to be eaten with matcha.

A fun, traditional Kyoto and matcha-themed art line-up also joins the roster of customizable lattes during the promotional period, mainly focused on promotional art from the campaign. Those who purchase a tea time set (drink and snacks set) will also receive one of several acrylic stands for free featuring exclusive art, given at random!

This matcha-centric menu is currently available at both Pokemon Cafe locations across Tokyo and Osaka now for a limited time only, so those wanting to enjoy Japan’s rich matcha taste with Pokemon should hurry soon! You can secure your reservation on the Pokémon Cafe website here.

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