The Case Files are Here – Olga Marie Animusphere 1/8th Scale Figure from BellFine!

From the anime Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note comes a 1/8th scale figure of the Animusphere daughter herself, Olga Marie Animusphere! This gorgeous and highly-detailed figure by BellFine is the first 3D scale figure to be released of Olga!

Keeping up with her regal background and appearance, the sculpting and attention to detail in the figure is incredible, with different parts of her outfit appearing to be made of different materials with the use of different painting techniques. She’s also posed in an elegant stance, with one hand crossed across her chest and another pointed up towards her face.

Her dress and hair also gently flow to the side, adding another dynamic layer to the figure. From her braided hair to the way it spikes out from the back and out, each strand is sculpted beautifully and captures Olga’s iconic and charming appearance, even being sure to include the small strand sticking up at the top of her head.

Her base also features a grey brick path, as if she’s walking the streets of her hometown while accentuating her status and heritage with her noble clothing and accessories. Even her slightly lifted boot, in conjunction with her pose, adds a touch of personality and charm that highlights Olga’s character.

The colors also blend together smoothly and add another dimension in addition to her appearance in the show itself, such as the gradient present in the orange streaks and even the metallic gold that matches brilliantly with the matte black of her dress, and even the silver crest on her back.

The small details are also present and add to the overall quality of the figure, such as the small folds in her skin where her clothes bend or fold, and as seen from the back, how each large strand of hair is treated with individual attention, each flowing in their own direction and curve. Her cute orange ribbon also pops in a perfect way, catching attention while still complimenting her outfit as a whole.

Olga’s arrogant yet charming nature is captured perfectly in this all-new figure from Bellfine, making it the perfect first scale figure of her to release! From her regal clothing to her elegant stance, she makes the perfect addition to any collection, either by herself or with other figures from the Fate universe. Pre-orders are available now exclusively on BellFine’s online shop, with a scheduled release date of June 2024.

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