Miku Collaborative Shoes Bring Fashion to the Vocaloid World!

Fans of the iconic Vocaloid Hatsune Miku can now show off their love in an all-new way: with an all-new collaboration announced by Osaka-based fashion company Mayla, Hatsune Miku-themed high-heeled shoes!

Incorporating Miku’s aesthetic into a pair of eye-catching, glimmering and high-class shoes, Mayla’s designers have intricately woven elements of Miku’s style into every aspect of the footwear while keeping the shoes classy and formal. Different materials and accessories are attached throughout the shoes, while still maintaining the iconic color scheme and aesthetic that anybody can recognize as uniquely representative of Miku.

Long, flowing ribbons adorn the sides of both shoes and are reminiscent of Miku’s trademark twin tail hairstyle, while the bright belt strap draws inspiration from her the bands in her hair. The flared heels also mirror the design of Miku’s forearm covers, leading in to all aspects of the shoes representing Miku in some way.

A strip of teal near the toes mirrors the hem of Miku’s skirt, further enhancing the resemblance as well. Delicate insole patterns pay homage to Miku’s significance, with Miku’s representative number as the first Vocaloid and a background that mirrors many of her promotional posters and artwork.

The box of the shoes itself is also incredibly well-designed and can be seen as a collectible piece for Miku fans on its own, the inside of which showcases a piano on one half and a large, fold-out display of what appears to be an mp3 player featuring Miku on the forefront. These high-class shoes also feature an elegant, butterfly-centric design, and a small gold charm underneath the sole.

The Hatsune Miku Iconique Shoes Objet Pumps are up for pre-order now on the Mayla online shop until March 3rd, 2024, with delivery scheduled by August 31st, 2024. These regal, elegant shoes are an incredible way to showcase your love of Hatsune Miku in a unique way, while also keeping your sense of fashion in top shape.

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