Sailor Moon Manhole Covers come to Tokyo!

Tokyo’s Minato Ward is set to strengthen its ties with the world of Sailor Moon as it unveils a series of artistic manhole covers featuring the series! These covers will be strategically placed at locations significant to Sailor Moon’s storyline, with each of the five designs being in Tokyo’s Minato-ku district.

The first of these newly revealed manhole covers features Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask prominently on the front in the manga’s original art style, placed at the entrance to Azabu Juban Shopping Street. This bustling street is often frequented by series creator Naoko Takeuchi, and serves as a backdrop for numerous scenes in the anime and manga.

The next cover showcases the Inner Senshi team from the series in front of the Minato Library near Shiba Park, and Shibakoen Middle School, which is the school attended by Sailor Venus. The blue background pays homage to Sailor Mercury as well, adding another touch of symbolism to the manhole cover’s design.

The third cover gives a not to Sailor Mars, and features the core cast against a deep red background, placed near Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin. This location served as the inspiration for the fictitious T.A. Girls’ Academy attended by Sailor Mars in the series, and showcases the girls in traditional kimonos with cherry blossoms around them.

The fourth is positioned near Tokyo Tower and the Shiba Water Supply Station within Shiba Park, and features the team in a more serious stance against a green background that represents Sailor Jupiter. Each manhole cover emphasizes a different color backdrop, keeping each design fresh even with different poses.

Concluding the collection is the fifth cover, placed at the entrance to Keio-nakadori Shopping Street. This final cover shows the girls in a dynamic lineup, with both a sunset-yellow color background and Tokyo’s city skyline featured behind them.

Scheduled for installation in mid-March, these Sailor Moon-inspired manhole covers offer a delightful fusion of both the real world and the world of Sailor Moon, creating a whimsical experience for fans and passersby alike in the heart of Tokyo’s Minato Ward. For fans of the series, scouting out all three allows for both wonderful photo opportunities and a way to see the real-world inspirations for the iconic series!

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