New Legend of Zelda Merch Brings Hyrule Home!

Nintendo has unveiled a new line of merchandise for fans based around the series’ newest installment, Tears of the Kingdom! From rugs to accessories and everything in between, the new collaboration lets fans enjoy Hyrule in their daily life, from decorating their home to fashion and more!

For those wanting to add a touch of the kingdom to their living space, the Zonai Wing Rug looks like the ancient machinery from the game and acts similarly, allowing you to stand on it just like Link would during his adventure. This fun little mat is a nice reference to the game, while also including the practicality and design of a rug for hardwood flooring.

A Korok keychain is also one of the more handy aspects of the collection, representing the woodland creatures in the game with heavy backpacks who often need your help to travel. This Korok has an overstuffed backpack that unfolds into an eco bag holder, so you can carry it with you everywhere while also having a bag whenever you might need it.

For those who want to take the Korok-like storage to a different level, there’s the Traveling Korok Mini Pouch, a tiny bag that can perfectly hold small goods, representing the same bag mentioned earlier only in a larger size and without the Korok.. If you prefer a bag with a shoulder strap, the Bomb Flower Bag, modeled after the game’s explosive collectible resource, is also available, appearing as if it’s a part of your real-life inventory.

The collection also includes real-life versions of Princess Zelda’s in-game earrings, which vaguely appear like brightbloom seeds also found throughout Tears of the Kingdom‘s in-game universe. Whether you’re looking for a practical item or just something to add to your wardrobe, this collection has you covered!

The entire lineup is available at Nintendo Tokyo, Nintendo Osaka, and Nintendo Kyoto stores, as well as through the Nintendo online store. Other items in the collection include Hudson Construction Company sign keychains, a Geoglyph shirt, and a variety of stickers, so fans of the game have a wide variety of goods to add to their inventory!

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