Tradition and Modernity Meet with Sanrio Kimono!

Kimono and Hello Kitty are both iconic symbols of Japanese culture, representing traditional aspects of Japanese culture with modern-day style and design. And now, fans can have both sides, with Japanese kimono brand Furifu bringing these two symbols together with a series of Sanrio Character-themed kimono!

Several Sanrio characters are prominently featured in this collaborative fashion, with Hello Kitty naturally being a key part of the collaboration. Her kimono features her signature red-and-white color scheme and a ribbon pattern, reminiscent of her famous hair accessory. Hello Kitty herself is also subtly included in the actual fabric of the kimono, only much less so than the other characters, blending in with other designs and motifs.

Both My Melody and her counterpart Kuromi are also part of the kimono lineup, with the pastel shades of My Melody’s yukata creating a subtle pattern from a distance, blending in mostly with the color of the fabric while maintaining a soft, pastel feel. The ribbon allows for creative tying, such as a bunny-style knot that complements My Melody’s design, giving more creative liberty to the wearer.

Kuromi’s bold personality is reflected in the more overt design of her yukata, with her boldly scattered throughout the pattern as the main focus of the design with a deep black color scheme throughout, dotted with white and purple. Both the My Melody and Kuromi kimono come in child and adult sizes as well.

All kimono are sold in sets that include the sash, and are officially available for order starting May 20th, 2024 through the online store of Furifu’s parent company, Mimatsu, or at Furifu’s physical stores in Tokyo and other locations. As of right now, it’s unclear how long they will be available for sale, so those looking to get a memorable piece of fashion won’t want to miss out!

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