Cat cafés are extremely popular in Japan. “Cat Café Nyanny” in Akihabara invites you to hear a lecture about special beauty treatments for your cat!


This lecture is about mud treatments for your cat. Using special fine textured mud can do wonders for your cat’s health and appearance. Mud makes the fur and skin cleaner and healthier. The minerals in the mud get absorbed in the cat’s skin. Mud improves the conditions of cats with allergies, inflammations, bad body odor, bad blood circulation, and so on. These treatments are also great for pain relief and raising the body’s temperature.




The lecture will be held on July 14th, from 6 PM until 8 PM. There is no need to make a reservation in advance. But you should arrive at the Café by 7:30 in order to get a seat inside. The entrance fee is 1000 Yen per person.


Visitors are asked to be understanding if there should be a reason to cancel or suspend the event. Also, please bear in mind that the Shampoo room is small, so visitors will have to wait their turn to get in. If you want, you can always play with the Café’s cats.


Please visit the Cat Café’s official homepage:





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