Sanrio Celebrates Halloween Season with Prizes!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many characters and franchises get special events during holiday seasons, and Halloween in Japan is no different. For the start of the spookiest season, Sanrio is offering special lottery prizes in convenience stores, and has teamed up with Bandai-Namco to offer Halloween-themed Sanrio goods in arcades!

Happy Kuji’s promotional poster for the Sanrio Halloween collaboration.

In Japan, many convenience stores will offer “kujis”, or lotteries, for certain prizes, usually related to ongoing collaborations with games or anime. Often times, you pay several hundred yen, then pull a ticket with a letter D – S, with D being the smallest prize available and S being the big-prize jackpot.

The figures available to win through the kuji collaboration. These are the lowest tiered rewards, meaning everybody who plays will win one of these figures or greater.

With the Sanrio Halloween collaboration kuji, customers can win small prizes of select Sanrio characters in adorable Halloween outfits, a variety of plushes and pillows, or a huge Halloween Cinnamoroll plush toy.

The Sanrio kuji grand prize – a large Halloween Cinamoroll plush and cushion!

Convenience stores aren’t the only locations getting the Sanrio Halloween treatment, however. As part of a collaboration with Bandai-Namco, many arcades across Japan will be receiving a different set of Halloween-themed Sanrio prizes in crane games for a limited time.

The promotional art for Sanrio and Bandi-Namco’s Halloween arcade prize collaboration.

These prizes differ from the kuji prizes in a number of ways, but namely in the characters’ costumes. While the kuji Sanrio characters are dressed in spookier, more traditionally “Halloween” costumes, the arcade prize characters are dressing in Japanese kimonos and animal tails. This is often referred to in Japan as “kemono” or “kemonomimi”, which translates to “animal ears”.

The smaller sized plush toys that will be found in arcade machines, with larger variations also available.

Though different in styles, the arcade claw prizes for this event are also plush toys, acrylic standees, and a variety of other small goods, such as character slippers and water bottles. But the stakes are a bit higher, as you have to win them yourself!

These slippers featuring My Melody and Kuromi will also be among the prizes found in crane games this Halloween season.

The Sanrio Halloween kuji runs from September 3rd, while the Sanrio Halloween Crane Game campaign runs from September 9th to October 31st. You can check out the kuji site here or the crane game campaign site here. Happy Halloween!

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