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Classic Cartoon “Tom & Jerry” to Get Kawaii Anime Revamp in Japan


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While American TV cartoons aren’t exactly popular in Japan outside of standard Disney films, it was recently announced that the classic American cartoon Tom & Jerry will be receiving a new Japan-made revamped series, although with some large changes.

Original promotional art for the series, featuring new looks for the classic characters.

The new series features a much softer pastel art style and color scheme, opting for a much cuter anime appearance than that of it’s Western counterpart. The series also seems to be keeping away from the high-action and wild violence of the original, opting instead to focus more on the dynamic and high-speed nature of the two’s friendship.

Another piece of promotional art, this time featuring a candy motif.

That isn’t where the changes stop, however. In this new version, Tom and Jerry can transform into various sweets such as candy, and are joined by a new character not seen in the original named Tuffy.

A look at the town featured in the show, with a heavy dessert and candy appearance.

The show will begin airing on Cartoon Network Japan on November 11th during it’s own special Tom & Jerry premiere block. For those who want to see a Japanese twist on the beloved classic cartoon, you won’t want to miss the premiere!