Batter Up! 1/6th Scale Nadesiko from Death Ball Figure Review from Daikikougyou!

From the world of Death Ball, where magic, power, and spiritual arts mix with baseball, comes the star ace of the Saber Centurions team, Nadesiko! Based off on an all-new illustration by popular illustrator Tony, this 1/6th scale figure perfectly encapsulates the energy of cute, charming, and naughty!

At her large, 1/6th size scale, Nadesiko catches anybody’s eye wherever and however she’s displayed. She’s presented in a heart-stopping and charming kneeling pose, wearing her team’s uniform while looking slyly over her shoulder. She holds her bat, which appears as a sword, with additional charm points such as her winged, frilled boots, and elf ears.

The detail throughout Nadesiko is as impressive as always when it comes to Daikikougyou, with her gorgeous gradient-colored hair flowing outwards and every frill and flow of her accessories masterfully crafted. Her charming personality is captured perfectly thorughout the whole figure, and the incredible coloring pops and compliments every other part of the figure extremely well.

The figure also leans into her more mischievous and naughty side, with her kneeling pose revealing her bright pink underwear. Her short skirt, as part of her uniform, also rests on her butt, which is also accentuated gracefully while still emphasizing the sexy, teasing element of both her appearance and her personality.

Of course, those who want to really emphasize this aspect of Nadesiko have something to look forward to as well: as parts of her clothing and accessory options are removeable to show off even more of her body. Her short skirt can be completely removed, as well as her hat to show off her gorgeous hair on its own, and even her bra to fully reveal Nadesiko’s breasts.

Every detail of her exposed body is also incredibly well-sculpted and painted, with her removed clothing emphasizing the incredibly tempting shape of her body and even showing off more of the detail of her underwear underneath. Her pink lace braw is seen even better without her top, and her tight-string bottom lays on her waist and tightens around the skin in a way that’s both sexy and elegant.

From the back, it’s more clear to see the way her underwear and clothing hug her body, and you can choose to display her with both parts off or on, or a combination of the two. The customization options aren’t just her clothing, however, as you can also give Nadesiko a naughty, intimate expression and even unsheathe her sword!

The cool silver of the sword contracts perfectly with her heart-stopping, sexual pose, with her tongue sticking out and her eyes glancing seductively behind her shoulder. Paired with her arms gently caressing the sword and her body revealed with the cast-off clothing, you can be sure Nadesiko’s seductive charm will capture the hearts of anybody who views her in real-life, too.

This breathtaking, incredible figure of Nadesiko from Death Ball is available for pre-order now until May 8th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of September 2024. Ring in the year and get ready to swing with this heart-stopping, ultra-cute figure of the Saber Centurions’ ace player!

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