Chiikawa Serves Up Ramen at Nagoya Restaurant!

The world of Chiikawa continues to take Japan by storm, this time with an adorable, limited-time ramen shop inspired by the ramen eatery featured in the Chiikawa manga at Nagoya PARCO!

The adorable and delicious looking ramen shop, called Chiikawa Ramen Buta (Pork), offers an faithfully-made pork ramen in varying sizes and a number of drinks. Guests can choose from three sizes: mini, small, and large, each served in a charming original bowl and each size being served with a paper standee. Those who order a mini size get Chiikawa, small get Hachiware, and large get Usagi. As a bonus, patrons ordering from the ramen menu will receive a special sticker featuring the size and character that served them.

Complementing the savory ramen selections are a variety of refreshing beverages, including original label black oolong tea, mandarin orange juice, white soda, cola, and draft beer served in exclusive mugs. Customers indulging in these beverages will receive a complimentary random clear sticker, and special designs of the characters will also be featured on the drink bottles themselves.

Exclusive merchandise will also be available for sale, all featuring adorable ramen-centric art, especially of the Chiikawa cast dawning their ramen shop uniforms and bandanas. Among these are the original bowl the ramen is served in, classes featuring Chiikawa, and an original-art face towel. Those wanting to purchase the limited bottled drinks can also do so, with vending machines also selling the drinks throughout the Nagoya PARCO. The goods are also available for fans to purchase online.

This incredibly cute and delicious collaboration runs from March 19th, 2024, with an end date yet to be determined, so fans should make their way over quickly. Future locations of Chiikawa Ramen Buta are also teased to come in the future, so stay tuned!

More information can be found on the official site here.

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