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ONE OK ROCK has announced the release of live concert Blu-Ray and DVDs, “ONE OK ROCK 2018 AMBITIONS JAPAN DOME TOUR” and “ONE OK ROCK with Orchestra Japan Tour 2018”. All versions will be simultaneously available from August 31st.

“ONE OK ROCK 2018 AMBITIONS JAPAN DOME TOUR” took place last year from March to April of 2018, with the performance at Tokyo Dome to be released on the DVD. “ONE OK ROCK with Orchestra  Japan Tour 2018” took place in October last year with the band collaborating with a 53-piece orchestra for the performances. The live DVD will feature the performance from Osaka Castle Hall.

The DVDs includes a 100-page booklet each with live concert photos, backstage commentary, live reports, interviews with staff and so forth.

Currently, pre-ordering is available via Amazon Japan.



01. Taking Off
02. 未完成交響曲 (Mikansei Koukyou Kyoku)
03. キミシダイ列車 (Kimishidai Ressha)
04. Cry out
05. The Way Back
06. Bedroom Warfare
07. Clock Strikes
08. One Way Ticket
09. 内秘心書 (Naihishinsho)
10. Wherever you are
11. Last Dance
12. Instrumental
13. Deeper Deeper
14. I was King
15. Take what you want
16. The Beginning
17. Skyfall
18. Mighty Long Fall
19. Nobody’s Home
20. Change
21. 完全感覚Dreamer (Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer)
22. We are


ONE OK ROCK with Orchestra Japan Tour 2019 Tracklist

01. Change
02. Ending Story??
03. 欠落オートメーション (Ketsuraku Automation)
04. Cry out
05. Decision
06. アンサイズクリア (Answer is Near)
07. 欲望に満ちた青年団 (Yokubou in Michita Seinendan)
08. カゲロウ (Kagerou)
09. Yes I am
10. One Way Ticket
11. Pierce
12. Instrumental
13. Stand Out Fit In
14. I was King
15. The Beginning
16. Mighty Long Fall
17. Fight the night
18. We are
19. 完全感覚Dreamer (Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer)


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