Pokemon Teams Up With Historic Kyoto Confectionary!

In a fusion between Japanese history and pop culture, Shichijo Kanshudo, a well-established Japanese-style sweets maker with a legacy dating back to 1865, has teamed up with Pokémon for a collaborative set of traditional Japanese sweets! Having ventured into Pokémon-themed confections in the fall of the previous year, the upcoming February release will showcase Kyoto-style sweets mixed with Pokémon charm.

Kyoto-style sweets hold a rich cultural significance, often featured in traditional tea ceremonies, capturing the essence of seasons and popular culture. The synergy with Pokémon, an iconic representation of Japanese pop culture, bridging generations and cultures, making Kyoto-style sweets accessible worldwide.

This winter-themed collection introduces two types of sweets. The first presents flour-based crackers lightly toasted and coated with a blend of miso and sugar. Available in sets of three, each cracker showcases hand-painted Pokémon—Pikachu, Decidueye, and Sprigatito—engaging in wintry activities against charming backgrounds.

The second type encompasses dry sweets made from rice flour and Shikoku prefecture’s fine-grained sugar, molded into adorable Pikachu shapes using handcrafted wooden molds. The multipack includes various Pokémon-related shapes like Pokéballs and other Pokemon motifs.

Additionally, a subset of these Pokémon collaborative desserts will feature luxurious, soft, and chewy sweets symbolizing the seasons. Offered through lottery sales, the set features Alolan Vulpix, Glalie, Darumaka, and Pikachu designs.

Making this collection even more accessible than its predecessor, online preorders start on January 22nd, 2024, with an expanded list of retailers that will be listed on the official site at the time of pre-order.

The Winter-style Pokémon snacks will be available for purchase at three Kyoto Shichijo Kanshudo shops and one Tokyo shop in Kitasenju Marui, starting on February 3rd, 2024, outside of the online pre-order dates.

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