Permanent Chiikawa Restaurant Opens in Ikebukuro!

After a myriad of different Chiikawa collaborative cafes, events, and pop-up shops, fans of the adorable series taking the world by storm now have a permanent place to celebrate the adorable Chiikawa universe: a permanent Chiikawa restaurant in Ikebukuro, hosted by restaurant The Guest at Ikebukuro’s PARCO mall!

The newly-opened Chiikawa restaurant is filled with Chiikawa-themed motifs, exclusive art, and a comfortable, cute, and cozy atmosphere! Attendees can also enjoy a wide variety of different Chiikawa-themed foods, such as those that can be expected at different character and anime-themed cafes. Items such as the Chiikawa face pancake, Usagi urahaya curry, and Hachiware feast sandwich feature the characters they’re modeled after and might just be too cute to eat!

As always, fans can also look forward to taking home exclusive Chiikawa Restaurant-focused exclusive merchandise, such as keychains of the adorable cast of the series dressed in diner outfits, acrylic standees, tote bags, and plenty more!

The restaurant is also set to keep things fresh with a rotating schedule of themed and festive events and menu items. While just having opened in November of 2023, the restaurant already featured a festive Christmas-themed assortment of limited-time merchandise and items, such as a Christmas Chiikawa parfait. While details of future events are yet to be announced, the next menu refresh could be right around the corner!

While demand is at an all-time high with the skyrocketing popularity of the Chiikawa franchise, those hoping to attend may want to make a reservation well in advance. This can be done on the official site here, which also gives those curious about the adorable Chiikawa dining experience more information. While previous iterations of Chiikawa-themed cafes and restaurants have all been limited in both time and capacity, fans can breathe a sigh of relief for the first of hopefully many more Chiikawa-themed stops!

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