Monster Hunter Teams Up with Nissin Cup Noodles for Curry Collaboration!

Nissin, one of Japan’s most recognizable brands of instant noodles, has announced a unique collaboration with video game developer Capcom and the Monster Hunter franchise: Gaming Curry Noodles!

The collaboration itself is rooted in a play on words, specifically one in Japanese. In Japanese, “kari” means “hunt,” and Monster Hunter players commonly use the phrase “Hitokari ikou ze,” translating to “Let’s go for a hunt.” The twist lies in the similarity between “kari” and “curry,” which spawned the collaboration’s campaign slogan: “Let’s go for a curry while gaming.”

The collaboration features a sweepstakes, where those wanting to participate need to only purchase two items from Nissin’s Cup Meshi series, and then upload a photo of the receipt to the campaign website, where they can win exclusive Monster Hunter and Curry collaborative merchandise!

The first prize is a Weapon Spoon, which is made to look like the often extreme and powerful weapons made using different monster parts throughout the series. This specific item takes after the Bloodeagle Adler set featured in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the latest release that the promotion is endorsing.

The second prize is a sturdy wooden mug, which like the weapon above, is modeled to look like the sturdy wooden drink mugs players can see their characters drinking from during their downtime. This mug is also the perfect size and shape to hold a Curry Meshi cup from Nissin.

Moreover, Curry Meshi’s mascot, Curry Meshi-kun, is set to feature in an upcoming Monster Hunter crossover animation, which was teased through Nissin’s promotional channels. Although a promotional image and teaser were showcased, other details regarding this are yet to be announced.

The entry period for this collaboration campaign goes for the entire month of October, with 200 winners (100 for each prize) to be randomly selected once the entry period is over. Fans of the series might want to try their luck before the campaign is over!

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