Akihabara-based company INDOR just announced a collaboration collection of shoes with gaming giants, CAPCOM, SEGA and SNK which will be available for ordering starting from March 1st.

INDOR is a company that prides themselves on their craftsmanship and being at the forefront where anime/manga/games meets fashion. ANIPPON., one of their original brands is a concept brand described as, “Anime • Manga • Games x Shoes”. They have just announced a collaboration series titled, “ANIPPON. 2019 Game Collab” with CAPCOM, SEGA and SNK.

There will be a total of six designs to choose from that are based off of five items/series associated with each company: Megaman for CAPCOM, Dreamcast and Mega Drive for SEGA, and Metal Slug and King of Fighters for SNK.

Here are the visuals of the shoes below:

Megaman (1)

Megaman (2)


Dreamcast 20th model

KOF Kyo vs. Iori 


These shoes will be available for pre-order on the official web shop, or in-store, from March 1st until March 22nd, with shipments scheduled to go out in May.


ANIPPON. 2019 Game Collab Details  

Pre-order period: March 1 ~ 22, 2019
Estimated shipping period: Late-May
Website: http://indor-store.jp/shopbrand/anippon2019_game
Store Address: 〒101-0021 Sotokanda 3-15-7, Kankon Building 1F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Original source: PRTimes


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