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Revolutionary Girl Utena Pop-Up Shop Comes to Ikebukuro!

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Train stations throughout Japan are often known for hosting a variety of lively events and shops, especially revolving around seasons, franchises, or events. This time is no different, with a pop-up shop focused around 1997’s classic anime Revolutionary Girl Utena coming to Ikebukuro Station!

A full list of goods available for sale at the event.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, giving loyal fans of the decades-old series a reason to stop by the new shop. Nestled in Ikebukuro Station’s underground passageway, the small shop will feature a wide variety of original character goods from the series.

One of the forward facing displays of the pop-up shop.

Keychains, clear files, acrylic standees, buttons, and a special travel tumbler are all products that will be available for sale at the pop-up event. In addition, canvas art and prints featuring exclusive Revolutionary Girl Utena art will also be available.

Some of the prints and posters at the event, featuring special Revolutionary Girl Utena art.

The shop itself also matches the elegant, pastel atmosphere of the show with its decorations, and the products feature art and styling that’s both identical to the show as well as cuter chibi variants.

Three exclusive postcards will be available for customers who spend 2,200 yen or more.

Attendees who spend 2,200 yen or more will also receive an exclusive collectible postcard featuring art from the event. There are three different kinds given at random, so fans can try to collect them all!

A canvas print that will be available for sale.

The event runs until October 25th, and can be found in Ikebukuro Station’s underground area by looking for the Revolutionary Girl Utena signs. You can also order the merchandise and see more here.

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