Figure Introduction: Koinobori by Daikikougyou

Figurine Introduction: Comic Ansurium 014 Cover Illustration “Koinobori”

We had the chance to be the first ones to see the new Koinobori figure by Daikikougyou!

Koinobori by Daikikougyou is based on a popular illustration from Pixiv, which was featured on the cover of Comic Ansurium 014.

Feast your eyes on these sensational promotional pictures!

Koinobori Daikikougyou
Order your figure on Amiami’s international website! 「Comic Ansurium 014 Cover Illustration Koinobori」
Koinobori Daikikougyou
Without a doubt, her beautiful, long, purple hair is one of her biggest charm points!
Koinobori Daikikougyou
The koi banner wrappings are also completely removable 😉

Koinobori Daikikougyou Koinobori Daikikougyou
Koinobori Daikikougyou Koinobori Daikikougyou Koinobori Daikikougyou


Find the figure on amiami

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