Clodsire and Wooper Get Lifesize Plushes!

Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy introduces an extraordinary Pokémon plushie that can make you feel like you own a Pokemon in the real world–a lifesize Clodsire plush! Meet the “Let’s Yawn Together Soothing Clodsire” (or “Isshoni Akubi Iyasareru Doto” in Japanese), a massive and adorable portrayal of Clodsire captured in the act of yawning.

This Clodsire plushie stands out, not just for its cuteness, but for its impressive size. Measuring a whopping 90 centimeters (35.4 inches) from its nose to tail tip, it’s a giant plushie that’s perfect for snuggles. You could even rest inside of its yawning mouth yourself.

The reason behind Clodsire’s yawn is linked to its abilities in the Pokémon world. Yawn is one of the techniques it can learn. In battles, Yawn can put opposing Pokemon to sleep, and it’s one of the signature moves Clodsire and its counterpart Quagsire are known for.

Clodsires, in the realm of Pokemon, are also known for their relationship to their pre-evolutionary Pokemon Wooper. Clodsires inhabit lakes and marshes and, in places where the water is too deep for Woopers to cross, Clodsires help them by allowing them to ride on their heads or backs to reach the other side safely.

It’s because of this established lore that Takara Tomy has created bundles that include Clodsire along with Paldean Wooper plushies, without selling just the Clodsire plush on its own. You can choose from sets featuring two, twelve, or for the ultimate fans, thirty-two Woopers!

Preorders for these Pokémon plushie bundles are currently open through the Takara Tomy online store until November 24th, with shipping scheduled for late April of 2024. If you’re a Pokémon and yawn enthusiast, the “Let’s Yawn Together Soothing Clodsire” is an endearing addition to your collection that’s sure to bring both comfort and joy, but might make you feel like yawning yourself!

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