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Raytrektab to Change Creative Tablet Scene?

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Raytrektab Enter Center Stage

Specialty computer store Dospara released the Raytrektab DG-D08IWP tablet in late May amidst much curiosity among artists about the product. Setting up demonstration booths at events like Super Comic City and Comitia, Dospara marketed the 8-inch Window’s tablet directly to mangaka and dōjin artists. But at 49,800 yen ($447.30), the tablet has many artists, both professional and amateur, wondering if it is worth the price.

Photo Credit: Dospara

Currently, not much information is available in either English or Japanese about the tablet. Pixivision published a review/interview of the table on May 12 highlighting how it is well suited for illustrations. Dospara, review site theHikaku, and a few other websites have published reviews of the tablet in Japanese. Overall, the reviews highlighted how the Raytrektab is touch sensitive and responsive to artists every move since it utilizes Wacom Feel IT technology. Additionally, reviews complimented the pen that comes with the Diginnos tablet as well as a free code for CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT.

Negative points of the tablet, unfortunately, include battery life. According to many reviews, the tablet’s battery only lasts four hours. Many reviewers also complained that though the size is perfect for carrying around, the small screen size made it difficult to see everything one was drawing. Overall, the reviews indicate the size and limited capacities of the central processing unit make the tablet more ideal for light sketching rather than heavy duty work.

Raytrektab in Action

Intrigued by the buzz around the tablet, Around Akiba headed to the Dospara Akihabara store to check it out.

Raytrektab display at the Dospara Akihabara store (Photo: Zeb)

Like the reviews had written, the tablet is petite and light, reminiscent to an iPad mini. The pen is well balanced and responsive, a competitive product when compared to the Apple Pencil.


10/10 for the pen at least. Photo: Zeb

Size does indeed seem to be a double edge sword for the table. While it is conducive for transportation, the actual drawing area became limited when the CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT came into play. Also, the tablet tended to heat up. Though not terribly hot, it could bother those with sensitive fingertips.

How will the Raytrektab change the tablet scene? As of now, it is still difficult to tell. But with the price barrier and size, the tablet will probably not change much.

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