Sanrio Character Ranking
2017 Sanrio Character Ranking (Photo Credit: Sanrio Character Ranking)

Every year Sanrio hosts the Sanrio Character Ranking to give fans from all over the world a chance rank their favorite Sanrio characters. Last year Pompompurin won first place out of Sanrio’s 100 characters.

Winner of the 31st Sanrio Character Ranking. (Photo Credit:

This year, the 32nd Sanrio Character Ranking started on May 10 and will continue until June 11. There are a variety of ways for fans to vote. 

Ways to show your love

  • Online Voting
  • Sanrio Stores
    • Fans who spend at least 500 yen in Sanrio stores will receive a voting chip to vote for their characters in the store. The chips are visible to all fans in voting boxes. Fans are able to see how well their favorite character is doing.  
  • Sanrio Corners
    • Fans who spend at least 540 yen at Sanrio corners in any participating mass retailers will receive a voting sticker. They can then place the sticker on a poster in the store to vote for their favorite character.
  • Vote by Mail
    • The June edition of The Strawberry News will include a voting form that fans can use to vote for up to five of their favorite characters. Fans can then mail it back to The Strawberry News.
  • Rakuten’s Sanrio Zone
    • Rakuten offers an icon for each of the Sanrio character contestants. Fans can pick the icon of their favorite character and put it on their phone’s home screen. They can then press the icon to submit a vote.
    • Sanrio fans can pick from 100 face towel designs, one for each of the Sanrio character contestants. One face towel purchase equals one vote for that character.
  • Poneycomb Tokyo
    • Fans purchase a Sanrio T-shirt and/or acrylic keychain to vote. They can pick from 100 different designs, one for each of the Sanrio characters.

And the winner is….

The winner will be announced on July 2 on the Sanrio Character Ranking website and participating stores. The September edition of The Strawberry News slated for release on August 10 will also announce the winner.


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