Ready for Battle – Ou Ki Scale Figure by BellFine Review!

A mighty glaive, a powerful suit of armor, and the smile of a man filled with power: the Monstrous Bird of Qin himself arrives in the form of an all-new scale figure from BellFine!

From the intense war anime Kingdom, this powerful 1/7th scale statue captures the great general’s might, highlighting him in a powerful stance with his glaive over his shoulder and a smug smile across his face. He’s featured prominently on a war-torn stony battlefield base, his other fist clenched and his cape flowing valiantly in the wind.

The detail on the figure is breathtaking, with everything from the cloth on his armor to even the sculpting of his skin receiving incredible attention. Looking especially at his skin and body, even individual veins and the muscles underneath are realistically sculpted as if to be biologically accurate. Even the design around his base is sculpted beautifully and gives the appearance of a historically etched design.

The massive cape that waves behind him also receives the same level of attention and detail, with individual folds along the cape making it appear as if it’s flowing in the wind ever so gently towards the side. The shaft of his glaive also showcases ridges and patterns that could be found on real wood, and his long hair flows downwards in the space between his large, powerful shoulder guards.

His expression radiates the bold, confident energy that can be expected of a great warlord such as himself, with even small battle scars and scratches throughout his armor making it even more realistic. The paint across the figure is also incredible and makes each individual part of the figure seem like its made of different materials, from the armor to the glaive and even to the clothes underneath.

Up close, the individual veins and muscles on Ou Ki are even accentuated by the scars across his arms, and the wrinkles and folds on his face accentuating his powerful expression. His iconic split facial hair also adds to the figure’s realism, and the powerful pose allows for the figure to stand with others in the Kingdom franchise or simply by itself as a commanding, eye-catching centerpiece.

His puffed-out chest also adds to his character and the powerful force the figure radiates, and the small tuft of cloth on the front of his armor is sculpted in a way that flows with the cape to add a sense of a powerful gust flowing from behind. Each individual plate across his armor seems to be unique as well, with different scratches and knicks throughout to create a real sense of the figure’s armor.

His tattoos are also faithfully recreated with this figure, blending perfectly across his powerful arms in conjunction with his scars, muscles, and veins. When it comes to the painting and sculpting of the figure as a whole, BellFine captures Ou Ki’s essence as one of the six great generals perfectly, highlighting his strength and confidence as a general.

This 1/7th scale figure of Ou Ki from Kingdom is available for pre-order now with a scheduled release date of May 2024! Those willing to add this powerful general to their collection can pre-order Ou Ki from AmiAmi’s online shop, and more information can be found on BellFine’s official site.

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