Official Legend of Zelda Lego Hitting Shelves!

Lego is no stranger when it comes to collaborative sets featuring series from every aspect of pop-culture, with products featuring Minecraft, Star Wars, Mario, and many, many more. And now, Lego is introducing sets from yet another Nintendo-owned franchise, this time releasing official The Legend of Zelda themed sets!

The debut Zelda Lego kit features the Great Deku Tree, offering two versions: the original appearance from 1998’s Ocarina of Time and the one from 2017’s Breath of the Wild. The set, called “The Great Deku Tree 2 in 1,” includes pieces to build both variations of the tree.

The kit caters to fans of both games by including figures of Link from different eras. It comes with a blue-shirted Link from Breath of the Wild, as well as both adult and child green-capped Links from Ocarina of Time, and a Princess Zelda figure. Additional characters in the set include a Korok from Breath of the Wild and Navi, the fairy from Ocarina of Time. The set also features a blue ocarina as a prop.


The set comprises 2,500 pieces, although the exact number used for each version of the Great Deku Tree isn’t specified. The Great Deku Tree 2 in 1 set is available for preorder on the official Lego website now for both Japan and the US, with a shipping date scheduled to be September 1st, 2024. With two Nintendo IPs getting their own Lego sets, who knows what’s next on the horizon?

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