Clarks Unveils Exclusive Collaborative Pokémon Shoes!

In a nostalgic nod to the iconic Generation I Pokémon starters, Clarks, the renowned British footwear giant, has unveiled its second collaboration with the Pokémon franchise. The Clarks Torhill Explore Pokémon suede shoes, released on December 8, present a stylish dilemma for fans who must now choose between the four offerings inspired by the beloved Pokémon characters.

This collaborative line introduces the Torhill Explore model, a suede shoe drawing inspiration from Clarks’ iconic Wallabee boots, featuring ’90s-inspired Big Gripper soles. The distinctive elements include retro Poké Ball embroidery on the side, Pokémon pixel art representing the respective starters on the tongue, and the unique starter’s Pokédex number elegantly placed on the back of the shoe.

The first style, a leafy green variant, pays homage to Bulbasaur, the Grass/Poison starter of Generation I. Meanwhile, the fiery orange style embodies Charmander, the Fire-type starter, appealing to those with a passion for outdoor adventures. The watery blue style, adorned with a playful orange accent, showcases Squirtle, the Water-type starter. Lastly, the bright yellow style features Pikachu, the Electric-type mascot synonymous with the Pokémon franchise.

Each pair of the Clarks Torhill Explore Pokémon suede shoes is priced at 25,300 yen, and can be purchased through Clarks Japan’s online store, as well as at Clarks physical retail outlets in Tokyo, Osaka, Umeda (Osaka), and Kyoto.

Additionally, enthusiasts can find the collection at the Kinetics Harajuku show specialty store in Tokyo. This collaboration seamlessly marries fashion with nostalgia, offering a unique blend of style and Pokémon nostalgia for fans of all ages.

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