Hi guys, Nacco Okumura reporting for duty!  Arcades and game centers are some of my favorite places to spend time at, and so I wanted to introduce you all to one of the game centers in Akihabara, Try Amusement Tower!  Since space in Tokyo is hard to come by, a lot of game centers spread their machines out over multiple floors.  One of the nice things about Try is that it’s super close to Akihabara station, so let’s check it out from the top down!

Floor 8 – Retro Games

  • Try Amusement Tower retro games
  • Try Amusement Tower floor 8
  • dood brodia
  • They haven't made these kind of cabinets for a while, but they were a big deal when they came out!

The top floor is full of your (or your parents’) favorite games of the past.  Sure you can get most of these games on your Nintendo virtual console or other systems, but there’s something energizing about pulling up a chair to a console and getting immersed in the experience!  I heard that most of the early arcade cabinets in America had to be played standing up, but I’m glad we have ones you can sit at here.

  • Let's play some Castlevania!
  • Whip it good!
  • Uh-oh...
  • ...I'm already dead.
  • But it was fun!
  • This cabinet is extra cool with its triple display.
  • It's one of my favorites!

These older games certainly are a challenge though…  Nate came along today too and he’s gonna show off his mad skills, or so he says.

  • Street Fighter  arcade cabinet
    Nate's gonna try out the original Street Fighter.
  • Of course he picks Murrica!
  • You sure this Joe guy isn't a boss character?
  • Gotta get better at learing I guess!

Well… I don’t know about skills, but that game sure looks like it could make you mad alright!  Let’s head down to the 7th floor now.

Floor 7 – Video Games and Online Games

  • Try Amusement Tower floor 7
  • Try Amusement Tower
  • Our cameraman is good at getting "low angles"

Moving down to the 7th floor we have some more recent games.  There’s a wide variety of popular games that can both be played by yourself, or also over the internet!  Different from the 8th floor, you’ll find some head-to-head cabinets here.  One player sits on one side and plays against the player who is on the opposite side.  That really cuts down on the arcade violence when someone gets perfected in Tekken, haha!  Also, some of the games here require a card to track your progress, so I’ll explain how they work.  Don’t worry, it’s really easy!

  • Some games log your progress with cards.
  • You can get one from a nearby vending machine really easily!
  • Just touch it to the machine you want to play...
  • and then have a great time!

Now that you can get a card, you can prove that you really are the best!  Alright, let’s continue our descent to floor 6!

Floor 6 – More Video Games!

  • Some machines have many games to select from.
  • Try Amusement Tower floor 6
    There are 24 Gundam cabinets here!!!
  • I found an updated version of Darius!
  • Cute fishies swimming above the machine.
  • Some nice awards too!

Surprise!  More video games!!  Try’s 6th floor usually has the latest and most popular games around.  Right now the highlights are Tekken 7 and Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. MAXI BOOST!  That’s just so much fun to say!  It’s so popular that basically half of the floor is dedicated to it with 24 units!!  Let’s try it out and see if it lives up to the hype.

  • Let's try one of the Gundam stations!

Wow, that was crazy!  Crazy fun!!  No wonder it’s so popular.  Ok, on to the next floor!

Floor 5 – Crane Games and Music Games

  • Try Amusement Tower crane games
    There are a lot of different types of crane games!
  • Lots involve sliding the prize.
  • Or knocking it down with one arm!
  • You try and roll this one.
  • And this is what most are like in the US.
  • Here we have one where you try and squeeze the clips to drop the prize.
  • Nice mousepad!
  • This one has you rip the paper with the claw.
  • And this one is very interesting...
  • It has a cutter on its arm so you can slice the paper!

Floor 5 has two main sections, crane games and music games, and the variety of crane games is awesome!  Now, Nate was telling me that in America it’s almost impossible to win one of these games, but not so here!  People win all the time!  I especially like trying all the different types.  Right now the one where you cut the paper looks really interesting!

  • I'm gonna try this crane game.
  • It's important to check from all angles to line it up!
  • Ok, this looks good.
  • Go!
  • Ah...
  • I'm gonna need some more coins!

Heading over to the other side of the floor you’ll find the standard rhythm and music games you may have already heard about like Taiko no Tatsujin, where you bang a big drum, but you’ll also find some cool ones you might not have heard of yet!  I like this game called Maimai!

  • This game is actually made with old dryer parts!
  • Golden Bomber's Memeshikute!
  • The theme song from Attack on Titan!
  • They even have a cool moist towelette dispenser!
  • This way you don't have to worry about everyone touching the same machine.

It’s so addicting!  Looks like Nate found a game he likes too.  This is called Jubeat and it has been really popular for a couple years now.

  • Try Amusement Tower floor 5
    Nate's trying out Jubeat, a popular music game.
  • You can plug in your own headphones and adjust the music!
  • Nate's concentrating really hard.
  • It's getting out of control!
  • Nate got trashed.

Now that we’re really grooving, let’s check out the other music games on floor 4.

Floor 4 – Music Games

  • Try Amusement Tower floor 4
    This DJ game is super intense!
  • This game is just like using the Kinect!

These games are on another level here!  Everyone here is so good at them, it’s crazy!  Look at this guy smashing the drums!

I don’t think I have the courage to try these out just yet, but maybe before too long I can be the champion here!  Ok, onto the last floor.

Floor 3 – Pachislo (Pachinko + Slot Machines)

  • Try Amusement Tower floor 3
  • Lots of pachislo here! (Pachinko + slot machine)

This floor is full of pachislo machines, which are a hybrid of pachinko and slot machines.  I’m more into video games than this kinda stuff, but it’s nice that they have it for those that are into these types of games too!


Well I hope you enjoyed our tour of Try Amusement Tower today!  Make sure to stop by a game center when you’re around Akiba and maybe you’ll run into me!  Until then, keep practicing and if you want to see more of what I’m up to, check out my site, Game Center Girl!

  • Try Amusement Tower exterior
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Nacco Okumura (おくむら なつこ)

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