Pokémon Collaboration Hits Takeshita Street in Harajuku!

With Pokemon collaborations appearing left and right all across Japan, the bustling and iconic Takeshita Street in Harajuku is set to undergo a Pokémon transformation as well for limited time during the Pokémon Harajuku Takeshita Street Happy Winter event! Running from December 16th, 2023, to January 9th, 2024, this special collaboration promises a fusion of Pokémon charm and fashion with the trendiness and excitement of the iconic street.

During the event, visitors can immerse themselves in the Pokémon magic with festive decorations, photo spots, and Christmas trees scattered throughout the area, all adorned with different Pokemon like a Ditto on the iconic billboard. The event also focuses on a digital stamp rally, adding an interactive element to the event and giving attendees a reason to explore to find every collaborative piece.

Participants can find a total of 87 different species of Pokemon by downloading the free event app, available in both Japanese and English. Hidden QR code posters, strategically placed along Takeshita Street, serve as a way to capture these digital stamps. Each scanned QR code rewards players with a digital stamp, featuring the acquisition date and the specific location on the street where the Pokémon was found.

The stamps are not limited to Takeshita Street alone, some extending slightly beyond, encouraging exploration of the vibrant Harajuku and Shibuya surroundings. Notably, the Pokémon in this special collection showcase unique and fashionable poses, aligning with the street’s trendy reputation.

Visitors can casually pick up a stamp or two while strolling through the street or return later for additional captures, but to encourage those attending to scout for more, those who collect six stamps become eligible for a lottery prize, incentivizing participants to explore the area thoroughly.

Whether venturing solo or with fellow Pokémon enthusiasts, this event offers a unique experience to explore the trendy allure of Takeshita Street. A testament to the street’s trendsetting nature, Pokémon Harajuku Takeshita Street Happy Winter is a must-visit for any Pokemon fan traveling to Harajuku!

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