Pokémon Collaborative Spa Event Coming to Japan!

Raku Spa, renowned for its super sento public baths in Japan, is set to immerse guests in a Pokémon-inspired collaborative experience! Transitioning from its standard offerings, the spa will debut Pokémon “Recovery Baths”, featuring eight different Pokémon species with a focus on their recovery moves in video and card games.

Each Pokémon will take center stage for a limited time, infusing their unique characteristics into the baths with specially scented and themed bathing experiences. From Sprigatito’s Magical Leaf Bath to Chansey’s Soft-Boiled Bath, guests can anticipate a diverse array of restorative properties and aromatic blends with herbal and mineral additives that revolve around each Pokemon’s signature healing move.

Throughout the event, Raku Spa will showcase Pokémon panels, tapestries, and artwork, creating an immersive ambiance even within the bath area. Guests can also purchase exclusive long towels featuring the healing Pokémon, adding a whimsical touch to their spa experience, in addition to Pokemon-themed yellow bath buckets, which are iconic in Japan’s bathhouses.

The Pokémon-themed journey extends to the spa’s in-facility café, offering limited-time collaborative food items, such as the tea-inspired Poltchageist Matcha Pudding Parfait and many more. Each order comes with collectible art coasters and placemats, with one of nine different designs to collect that are given out to attendees at random.

The Pokémon Recovery Baths event will run from March 8th, 2024 to April 3rd, 2024 across 33 participating Raku Spa locations, including prominent areas like Kanda and Ikebukuro in downtown Tokyo. While these baths may not possess magical healing powers, they offer a rejuvenating escape for Pokémon enthusiasts, allowing fans to unwind while immersing themselves in the world of Pokemon.

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