POWER!!! Lemillion 1/8th Scale Figure by BellFine!

From the hit series “My Hero Academia” comes a 1/8th scale figure of Mirio Togata, also known as Lemillion! One of U.A High’s Big 3 heroes, this figure also comes with an exclusive DX variant, featuring Lemillion highlighting his signature quirk and phasing through the walls!

Lemillion’s dynamic pose is captured beautifully in the figure, with a powerful, shouting face plate that’s packed with the raw emotion and energy Lemillion displays throughout the series.

Featuring Lemillion’s signature catchphrase, “Power!” and several rocks at the base, this intense figure shows the hero raising his fist in the air, in a way that looks like he is coming straight from the show itself. His cape, hair and clothing match the powerful movement of his pose as well, with incredible detail that makes it look like the fabric is flowing with the wind.

This figure is also customizable, featuring several removeable and interchangeable accessories such as his face visor, revealing his face and signature eyes. The special DX edition also comes with wall parts to showcase Lemillion’s power, and additional faceplates that go with it as well.

The detail on the figure and it sculpting is also remarkably detailed; every fold and curve on Lemillion’s body is carefully sculpted, almost as if the figuring is actually wearing a superhero uniform. The cracks in the concrete and rocks also make it seem as if it’s truly concrete that’s flying out of the base.

With the DX edition, the stone wraps perfectly around Lemillion’s body, truly giving the appearance that he’s phasing through it. From the side, his brave and heroic pose can be seen in even more depth, and even the 3D lettering featuring his catchphrase seems natural and compliments the pose perfectly.

The bright colors used throughout the figure really pop as well, capturing the bright and adventurous tone of My Hero Academia perfectly. Even the soles of Mirio’s boots glisten and bend as he steps atop the concrete, and his bright blonde hair is styled in its iconic fashion. From this angle the flow of the cape can be seen even better, moving around the hero’s arm and flowing outward.

From the back, the folds on the cape can be seen exceptionally well, the stunning levels of detail also emphasized with the way the cape’s sculpting seems to hug and flow against Lemillion’s back. Even from this angle, the pose gives off a heroic and powerful feeling!

When it comes to capturing Mirio’s courage and character, this figure by BellFine does an exceptional job, allowing for you to switch from the heroic and serious side of Lemillion to his more fun and loveable side with the additional DX faceplates. The addition of the “Power!” catchphrase also matches the spirit of My Hero Academia, and can capture the attention of anybody who sees it.

The additional faceplate that comes with the DX version is a recreation of Mirio’s iconic entry, and captures his confident and good-natured smile. While this faceplate is exclusive to the DX version, those that pre-order the figure through BellFine’s official online shop get a bonus faceplate, highlighting a Mirio with his tongue sticking out.

This heroic and powerful figure is currently up for pre-order on AmiAmi and is expected to release in August of 2023. Those pre-ordering through AmiAmi also get an exclusive photocard of Mirio himself! Fans of the series will not want to miss the POWER of this figure!

You can find the standard version of the figure here, or the DX version of the figure here.

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