Bright and Cheery – LOVE CUBE Akira Higashiboujou Figure from Daikikougyou Review!

A cute, cheery girl with a bright and lively personality: Akira Higashiboujou, the caring older sister-type character from the adult visual novel LOVE CUBE arrives as a naughty and tempting 1/6th scale figure from Daikikougyou!

Akira’s body is beautifully sculpted and recreated perfectly from her appearance in the visual novel, with immaculate detailing across every aspect of her 3D rendition. Her outfit is immediately eye-catching, with an array of colors throughout that complement each other perfectly while also adding to her soft, bubbly, and caring personality.

Between her soft yellow top, her silky black leggings, her baby blue striped underwear, and her bright orange ribboned choker, the sculpting and attention to detail make each article of clothing seem like it’s made of a different material. The straps of her thong are translucent as if they are plastic straps, while her yellow jacket looks soft and matte, and her tight black leggings are semi-translucent as if showcasing her legs and the skin underneath.

While her naughty pose is in line with the game and tempts you with her subtle panty drop, much more can be seen from the back, with her entire butt exposed. Her body is also sculpted beautifully, with each curve and fold appearing realistic and her clothes even folding around and pinching her skin, like the waves on her top and the way her thighs pop from her leggings.

This figure, as is the case with many of Daikikougyou’s figurines, is also customizable in the way that many of Akira’s clothing can be removed. To create a more intimate scene, you can remove her yellow top to only leave her iconic pale blue striped underwear and leggings, while she gazes at you with her cute yellow eyes and bright, eye-catching orange hair.

When displayed like this, the detail can also be seen on her bra, with the strap carefully hugging her back and her short hairstyle hanging just over her shoulders, each strand of hair carefully flowing on its own. Her breasts also leave some of the intimacy to the imagination, with her cleavage being on full display and even the sides of her large breasts visible from the side.

Of course, the customization doesn’t stop there, either: you can maximize the intimate and intense moment by fully removing Akira’s clothing, except for her leggings. Her cute expression coupled with this extremely naughty and tempting pose and lack of clothing takes her sexiness to a whole new level, and her body is put on display to the fullest.

The sculpting and attention to detail extend to her skin and the realistic way her body is showcased, with the definition of her skin and body adding further to both the excitement and realism. From her breasts to the folds, shading, and bends on her body overall, in addition to the way her leggings and choker hug her body, there’s something heart-stopping about every aspect of the figure, regardless of how you choose to display her.

The loving and bubbly Akira Higashiboujou is available for pre-order now until July 18th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of November 2024. Whether you display her with all her clothes on, totally naked, or something in between, you’re sure to have an intimate time together!

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