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Interview with AV Actress Tina Nanami!

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From Neon Genesis Evangelion, Asuka and Rei were kind enough to sit down with us in an interview following a photoshoot — in space!

…that is, at least, JAV actress Tina Nanami dressed as Rei, and gravure idol Fay Prince dressed as Asuka, at futuristic Space Studio in Tokyo!

Interview with AV idol Tina Nanami @ Space Studio | Neon Genesis Evangelion Cosplay Shooting

After filming a passionate scene between the two mech pilots, we had the chance to sit down and ask Tina some questions. First and foremost: was this Tina’s first time kissing another girl?

“I’ve never kissed a girl before, this was my first time!” She reveals. “[Fay’s] lips were so soft! Just like clouds! I will never forget those fluffy lips.”

And while she’s no stranger to the world of doujinshi — fictional works made by fans using anime characters or themes — there are certainly other characters she’d share a passionate kiss with.

“As far as a male character goes, I’d choose Hijikata from Gintama!” Tina tells us. “I would also choose Chun Li. She’s so strong!”

Strength is something Tina really values, and takes to heart even in her day-to-day life.

“Two times a week I have a full workout program with a personal trainer.” She tells us. “On top of that, I do boxing three times a week.”

For many of us, though, working out can be a difficult endeavor. So what advice would Tina give to those of us who are having a tough time mustering up the strength to exercise?

“The most important thing if you want to be stronger is to keep going and to never give up!” Tina says. “So for any of you guys are already working out I really want you to keep it up! You are doing the right thing!”

She even throws in some advice for those of us stuck at our desks: “Go outside and go to the gym! If you can’t, at least hold a book in between your legs!”

But Tina’s schedule is incredibly busy, and her schedule is stacked even with the workout routine.

“I release one DVD per month.” Lisa tells us when asked how frequently she works as a porn actress. “Besides that, I have radio and TV appearances, as well as music recording sessions.

While Tina’s interests have varied greatly and with a busy schedule, she does reveal that she used to be a super otaku, even going to events like Comiket.

“I used to always cosplay and watch Nico Nico Douga.” Tina reveals to us. “And my favorite anime that most people should know is….Madoka Magica!”

To see the full interview (and to hear a secret that Nina has NEVER revealed before!), click here!

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