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Nagomi Style Café―Tradition Meets Technology

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Nagomi Style Café is a manga kissa, which is like a cross between an internet café and inexpensive lodging, both of which you’d want to visit on your next trip to Akihabara.  You can relax in one for a couple hours, or a couple days at a very inexpensive rate while using the PCs in each room and reading manga (hence the manga kissa).  They are especially useful when you’re on a budget or missed the last train home and don’t want to pay copious amounts to a taxi driver.  What Nagomi Style Café has done is to blend that very modern concept with Japanese tradition, particularly in the style of the old capital of Kyoto.

Exterior – Descend into times of old

Nagomi Style Café is located on the outskirts of Akiba right outside of Suehirocho station.  Most of the action in Akihabara happens in the area between Suehirocho Station and Akihabara station, so it puts you in a convenient location.  As the café is on floor B1 of the building, it is nice and quiet, which is perfect for relaxing.  Heading down the stairs is almost like slipping into the past, especially once you slide open the heavy, ornate door.

  • Nagomi Style Cafe Exterior

Interior – Your personal Kyoto, in Akihabara

Once inside you’ll immediately notice a display for the Nagomi Chaya Musume girls group.  This is an idol group of the girls that work at the café who sing wonderful traditional Japanese songs as well as host internet shows and many other activities.  More than likely one of them will be there at the register to check you in.  Make sure you either have your passport or residence card with you as you’ll need it for ID.  Once you have picked your room you’ll cross over a beautiful rock garden and traditional display before heading into the main area where your room will be located.

  • Nagomi Syle Cafe
    Nagomi Style Cafe Interior

Rooms – Japanese-style relaxation

There are many different types of rooms available with soft tatami mats, from single, to double, to the large party room in the back, so no matter how many people you’re with, you’ll be able to find the right spot for you.  Each room has a nice computer with high-speed internet and you can also borrow items like game controllers, blankets, cushions, chargers, and more from the front desk.  You can also buy articles of clothing or CDs, USB drives, and more.

  • Nagomi Style Cafe Room

Services – Living large

Nagomi Style Café has all sorts of things to keep you entertained as you relax from the craziness of Akihabara.  From magazines and comics, to movie services and online games, you’ll be able to pass the time leisurely like you would at home.  If you’d like, you can also get all the drinks you want from the drink bar, order food, bring in food from outside, use a scanner and copier, or even take a shower!  There is also a travelling fortune teller who comes once a month who might give you a few tips on what’s been weighing on your mind.

The diamond in the rough

Nagomi Style Café is one of the nicest manga kissa I’ve been to with its very pleasant atmosphere and fabulous location.  The staff are very friendly and there are plenty of ways to spend your time.  Lots of people come and visit Akihabara and have trouble finding places to stay, but most people don’t know about this little gem, so now you’re in the know!


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Nate Banchou
Hi, I’m Nate. I’ve been learning about Japan since I was a kid and have lived here for 3.5 years and counting. I used to compete professionally in yo-yoing, and have always loved video games, especially fighting games. Not a huge anime/manga buff, but my favorites are One Piece and Slam Dunk.

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