The latest releases from the most popular figurine makers from Japan!

We at Around Akiba recently had a chance to see an exhibition of figurines from the Good Smile Company, one of Japans biggest vinyl figurine manufacturers.
In addition to the Good Smile Company, about 50 different anime merchandise companies participated in the exhibition, which took place 8 days after Wonderfestival 2018!

Here are some of the highlights:

A beautiful Saber figure by FREEing
Hatsune Miku figure
One of Hatsune Miku’s most popular figurines is coming back!
Good Smile Sonico
Super Sonico: Racing Version. – Good Smile Company
Kemono friends
Kemono friends!
Hestia Sonico
A Hestia-themed Super Sonico! Those characters seem to have a lot in common.

Emilia Re:Zero figure KirbyPokemon
Saber crystal
Saber 2The booth of Daiki Kougyou
Daikikougyou OyajiOyaji!DaikikougyouDaikikougyouKoinobori DaikikougyouKoinobori by DaikikougyouWanida Daikikougyou Pepatama Milestone Pepatama Polynian Milestone Pop Team Epic Blame figure Blame figure Blame figure Detective Conan miniature sword miniature sword Holo Spice and Wolf Touken Ranbu Bat Man Bat Man Deadpool Deadpool

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