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Cardcaptor Sakura the movie 2 – The Sealed Card –

The second movie of Cardcaptor Sakura “The Sealed Card” is the last episode of “Sakura Card Arc” of the anime. Cardcaptor Sakura the movie 2 is another story that leads to the new arc “Clear Card Arc”, and has gone through a revival screening process on December 29, 2017. The movie will be broadcasted at NHK E-Tele on April 1st, 3.00 p.m.

Clear Card Arc highlights compilation notice

Based on the tweet posted by the official Twitter account of NHK Anime (@nhk_animeworld), the full highlights compilation of “Cardcaptor Sakura – Clear Card Arc” (don’t get confused with the Sakura Card Arc mentioned above) will be broadcasted on April 1st, next week. BSP, however, will broadcast the 13th episode, “Sakura & I’m home, Mei Ling” on April 8th, 7:30 a.m.

Last episode review

Sakuratachi Tomoe Elementary School, Year 6 Class 2 will be doing a stage performance for the Nadeshiko Festival. They practiced hard even during summer holidays. One day, Sakura bumped into Syaoran who was supposed to have returned to his hometown, Hong Kong. To her surprise, Syaoran confessed to her! Sakura, who had yet to give a proper answer, decided to convey her feelings this time but always ended up failing. When she finally thought she could confess at the amusement park where her best friend, Tomoyo invited, she suddenly felt a strange presence. It was the presence of a Clow Card, which everything was supposed to have been sealed. And then, Sakura’s magical power gradually disappeared. How will Sakura and her friends face the most powerful Clow Card? Will Sakura successfully convey her feelings to Syaoran?

Staffs & Casts


Original work: CLAMP (Kodansha “Nakayoshi” Comics)

Director: Asaka Morio

Script: Okawa Nanase Guest Character Design Draft & Costume Design: CLAMP

Overall drawing director: Abe Tsune Art Manager: Yuki Ikeda

Photography director: Shirai Hisao

Sound director: Mima Masafumi

Color settings: Katsunuma Madoka

Editor: Ogata Harutoshi

Music: Negishi Takayuki

Main producer: MADHO– USE

Production cooperation: AmberFilmWorks

Production: Kodansha, Shochiku, Bandai Visual, Shigatsu Tsuitachi, MADHO– USE



Kinomoto Sakura: Tange Sakura

Li Syaoran: Kumai Motoko

Cerberus: Hisakawa Aya, Onosaka Masaya Tsukishiro Yuki, Moon (Yue): Ogata Megumi

Daidouji Tomoyo: Iwao Junko

Kinomoto Toya: Seki Tomokazu Lee Strawberry: Yukana

Mizuki Kaho: Shinohara Emi

Hiiragizawa Eriol: Sasaki Nozomi

Clear Card: Sakamoto Maaya



©CLAMP・ST・Kodansha/Cardcaptor Sakura the movie 2 – The Sealed Card – Production Committee



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