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Star Kebab – The star of Akihabara eats

America has tacos.  Japan has Doner Kebabs.  And Akihabara has the best ones in all of Japan, winning the Kebab Grand Prix!

If you’ve been to Akihabara, you’ve probably seen at least one of the three Star Kebab locations, and if you were smart, you feasted upon the well-seasoned meat sandwich wrapped in a pita casing.  Since we cover all the greatest places in Akiba, we knew we had to highlight these delicious morsels, so here we go!

Star Kebab Akiba Terrace

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Of the three locations, Akiba Terrace is the largest, most visible, and also has a couple tables and a bar inside.  Just off the main street, you can quickly make a pit stop and pick up a kebab to inhale while you peruse the sights and sounds of Akihabara.

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You can try all sorts of variations with the contents of your kebab: beef, chicken, potato, tomato, cheese, pita, wrap, hot sauce, white sauce, you get the picture!  You’re sure to find the perfect combination for you, and there’s always a new way to spice it up which keeps you coming back for more.

Sweet, succulent heaven in your hand

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This time around I went with the grilled cheese beef kebab, big boy style (extra meat), with hot sauce.  They recommend this one sauce-less, but I’m a sucker for spice and couldn’t pass it up.  Glory, glory what a treat it was!  The juice and seasoning from the meat blended perfectly with the mild cheese, plump tomatoes, and crispy cabbage resulting in a flavor jubilation.  Why kebabs aren’t huge in America, I don’t know, but we’re really missing out on some tasty goodness.


Location, location, location

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Three to be exact!  Star Kebab Akiba Terrace is located just off the main street, while Star Kebab Hot Sand is located in the electronics and PC parts area nearby, and the original Star Kebab Take Away is located next to the Maid Cafe district.  You can also get some kebabs from the Star Kebab trucks around town and at events as well!  Make sure to pick one up the next time you’re around Akiba!


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Nate Banchou
Hi, I’m Nate. I’ve been learning about Japan since I was a kid and have lived here for 3.5 years and counting. I used to compete professionally in yo-yoing, and have always loved video games, especially fighting games. Not a huge anime/manga buff, but my favorites are One Piece and Slam Dunk.

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