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Kino’s Journey Anime Review Episode 8: A Little Too Insightful

A commentary on American politics? Three weeks and counting. That’s how long it’s been since we’ve had an episode that involved Kino in any meaningful...

Battery the Animation: Making Viewers Uncomfortable (and That’s the Point)

Battery passed quietly, unloved by critics and shrugged off by fans Adapted from a successful light novel series of the same name, Battery is the...

Sangatsu no Lion Season 2 Anime Review Episode 6: Picking up the Pace

Sangatsu no Lion’s second season has been off to a fairly slow start. Its sixth episode tries to reclaim the narrative pacing of the...

Kino’s Journey Anime Review Episode 7: Bonnie and Clyde With a Happier Ending

A look at a significant person in Kino’s past Continuing the trend of Kino episodes not focused on Kino herself, Episode 7, “Historical Country,” tells a...

Welcome to the Ballroom Anime Review Episode 20: Lazy and Misogynist

Ballroom gave us a physical episode this week. The physicality starts with Chinatsu and Tatara getting in each other’s way during the Tokyo DanceSport quarterfinals,...

Kino’s Journey Anime Review Episode 6: By Far the Darkest Story Yet

Kino, this week, deals with everybody’s favorite themes: slavery and murder! This fun-for-the-whole-family episode goes by the name “In the Clouds,” and is by...

Sangatsu no Lion Season 2 Anime Review Episode 5: A Glimpse into Akari’s World

For all Rei’s progress in recent weeks, it appears he may be moving in an unhealthy direction. Episode five elaborates on his plan to...

Cosplayer Isis Vasconcellos to Perform at Akihabara Anisong Live Concert

Anisong DJs Misawa and Taketeru Sunamori will also appear at the Anisong event on November 19 I.V. in Japan! Isis Vasconcellos live stage event in...

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