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In Defence of Shonen Anime

Do you remember watching anime as a kid? Cross-legged on the floor, wrapped up in a blanket waiting for the latest episode of Dragon...

The 5 Types of Anime OVA (And If You Should Watch Them)

Whenever a show rises to glory, the Original Video Animations (OVAs) won’t be far behind. Not every OVA is created equal, however: some merely...

Steins Gate 0 Finale: Analysis

The final episode of Steins Gate 0 felt a little strange, almost as though there was an episode missing. But how well did it...

How Anime Changed My Life

Have you ever seen an anime that really resonated with you? Maybe it was the way a particular character spoke or saw the world....

We Need To Talk About The New Attack On Titan Opening

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qf0B4KWeWs Let’s be honest: the season three Attack on Titan opening is a little… different. What possessed Wit Studio to make such a radical change...

Steins Gate 0, Episode 21 Review: El Psy Congroo

Even if you’ve enjoyed Steins Gate 0 so far, there’s no denying that Okabe has been a little… spineless. This all changed in episode...

Anime Is Changing (And That’s a Good Thing)

If you first got into anime as a kid, you’d probably find today’s anime landscape unrecognisable. It's a rapidly changing industry, and we're not...

How to Make a Hit Anime

As anime fans, we’re exceptionally lucky: every three months, there’s a massive influx of new anime to choose from. Not all of these are...

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