Nintendo Releases Mario-Themed Travel Goods!

Summer is kicking up and the travel season is soon to be in full swing, so what better way to prepare for adventure than with exclusive Super Mario-themed goods? Luckily, Nintendo has you covered, with an all-new array of exclusive travel goods hitting shelves this summer!

The collection starts with a cleverly designed passport cover featuring exclusive Super Mario-level illustrations. The interior includes a clear pocket with Bowser’s image for holding tickets or cards, and for those traveling with suitcases, the collection offers a luggage belt to subtly show off your love for the series in a practical way. This belt not only stands out with a design of Mario riding Yoshi, but also includes a flagpole belt stopper for added flair.

A three-piece set of storage/packing pouches also joins the collection, including a large Question Mark Block pouch and two smaller pouches featuring Mario, Luigi, and various power-ups, as well as a small bag that showcases fun designs of Mario, Luigi, and multiple Boos, with one Boo acting as the zipper pull.

For commuters, there are extendable card/commuter pass cases designed with a warp pipe motif fitting for transportation cards. A cool towel is also available for outdoor activities or to beat the summer heat, which is advertised as being able to be soaked in water and worn around the neck and comes with a special pouch for storage.

Tumblers for drinking and a variety of other travel-oriented items are also part of the collection, all of which will be available starting July 12th, 2024 at Nintendo specialty stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, as well as on the office site here. Ring in the summer travel season the Super Mario way!

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